Sep 14, 2023

Ariane was interviewed by Mark Martin for Matters Microbial Podcast!

Matters Microbial #4: Extreme Microbial Closeups: Cryo-EM and Fine Structure of Microbes with Ariane Briegel

August 25, 2023

Everyone thinks microbes are very small, and most of them are. But how to see them? The microscope opened a whole new world to the observer, starting with the Dutch microbiologist Antonie van Leeuvenhoek. But photographs and peering through lenses have limitations. Mark introduces his friend and colleague, Ariane Briegel of the Institute of Biology at Leiden University to Matters Microbial. She discusses how her own work can allow us to see microbes at extremely fine detail using a technique called cryo-electron microscopy (cryEM). She will also discuss her path in science.

Watch the podcast interview here, or on YouTube