Adam Sidi Mabrouk Copy

Microscopy and all its uses in biology have fascinated me from the start of my Bachelor’s degree of biology. I was fortunate to receive in-depth training in confocal microscopy during my first internship where I worked on answering research questions in the Zebrafish model. My microscopy training was further expanded during my Master’s degree internship in the Briegel lab.   Here I learned how to use cryo-electron microscopy to study bacterial ultrastructure. Combining these two microscopy techniques with the molecular and microbial knowledge that I gained during my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree now allows me to focus on a wide range of research projects. These projects include: investigating the effect of curvature on the polarity of Vibrio choleraeand investigating the use of bacteriophages as a treatment for cholera infected Zebrafish larvae. All of this has been made possible in no small part by the expertise that surrounds me in the Briegel lab and the inspiring environment that I work in!