May 22, 2020

Quarantine Newsletters!

In order to keep my lab entertained during the time with restricted lab access, I have written weekly newsletters. Over the past weeks, the readership and also the contributions have grown beyond my own lab.

I hope you enjoy the past editions:

Week April 2 – the very first edition:

Week April 7– Note the beautiful picture of Dennis Claessen

Week April 17 – chemotaxis themed easter egg, and Eveline discovered the flying spaghetti monster

Week April 20– Alise is an amazing artist, Journal club on the Septer lab’s paper showing that Vibrio  fisheri  have enhanced activation of type 6 secretion system (T6SS) mediated killing upon the exposure of a host like, high-viscosity hydrogel

Week April 28- ‘girl with a pearl ear ring’, journal club of Marc Erhardt’s flagella paper

Week May 4- treasure hunt, behind the paper

Week May 11– Ouyang’s experiences traveling to China, SsgB paper Gilles van Wezel

Week May 18– Chemotaxis Diary, Dennis Classen’s chickens

Week May 25– Lizah’s tips for working from home, Dennis declares love to Rodlins

Week June 1– Macroscopic news and Journal club: How to use the type VI secretion system for targeted killing of selected bacterial species in mixed populations

Week June 8- thoughts on unconscious bias and ‘behind the paper’ by Lindsay O’Neil Yoder

Week June 15– CryoEM advances

Week June 22– behind the paper “Microbial piggy-back: how Streptomyces spores are transported by motile soil bacteria”, Quarantine Puzzle

Week June 29– the entertainment edition: the microbial movie and a story out of ‘1001 microbes’

Week July 6– FtsZ tread milling in B. subtilis– behind the paper by Kevin Whitley

Week July 13– a look back to the first year of Wen Yang and Eveline Ultee, who are both ready to defend their theses!

Week July 20– Introduction of new PhD student Janine Liedke and ‘Small things considered’ blog post by Christoph Weigel on our piggy-back manuscript

Week July 27– Behind the Moore grant