Quarantine Quiz

1. The Briegel Lab loves to receive our international collaborators and friends, and we showcase these visits on our website. Who was the very first visitor to the Briegel lab? 


2. On the cryoEM genealogy family tree, Ariane is separated to a nobel laureate by one other connection- who is it?

Here is the link to the genealogy family tree!


3. In September 2017, Andreas Engel and Ariane organised the “International Cryo-EM Symposium” in Delft to celebrate the opening of their cryo-EM facility.

Which cryo-EM nobel laureate was attending this event?



4. Cryo-electron tomography is a powerful tool to study microbes, but it is still challenging to determine your object of interest inside the cells. To overcome this limitation, a popular approach is to correlate cryo-ET with fluorescence light microscopy. A big advancement occurred when the Jensen lab at Caltech showed that correlative cryo-Palm-cryo-ET  is possible. What was the biological object of interest in this pioneering study? 


5. What was the first paper Ariane published as senior author about?


6. The Briegel lab collaborates closely with the lab of Dennis Claessen. What is his lab’s core scientific interest?


7. The Briegel Lab is part of the Centre for Microbial Cell Biology (CMCB). Who is NOT part of this centre?


8. The Briegel lab relies on ‘The Netherlands Centre for Electron Nanoscopy” (NeCEN) for data collection. IN what year did NeCEN open its doors? 


9. The Dutch cryo-EM community is very active in scientific outreach endeavours. For example, two of our resident cryo-EM scientists gave TEDx talks in the past few years- Who?


10. What year was the Leiden University founded?


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